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Unknown Error when saving Excel output file

hi laurence,

i met with a problem that will need your help.

i am developing an Excel report engine that will dynamically generate a excel output file based on configuration (defined in xml).

most of the time, the execution is perfect. however, there is an instance when an exception is thrown by Aspose.Cells when the Save() method is called. the exception message is “Unknown Error”.

Question is how can we debug this error? i suspect that the error is due to memory or resource errors. Alternatively, how can we do a workaround.


Please try this fix. I added some debug information.

If the problem still occurs, please post your template file and sample code here. Thank you.

hi laurence, thanks.

i have tried the fix, but problem persists. the error message this time is: "unknown1 error"

the resultant file is a 0 byte file. i have attached a sample of the intended and successful output (based on a different data set). i am not using a template, as the output file is generated dynamically based on configuration.

i am also unable to paste a sample code here, as the entire app is an engine. what we can do is, if you go online on MSN messenger, i will send you the runtime code so you can hopefully check from your end as well.

thanks much for your help as always,


Please try this attached fix.

laurence, the problem looks solved. thank you!