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Unmerge Method

In Aspose.Excel, How can I unmerge a Cell/Range ?

In Office.Excel I use :

Excel.Range(“A:22”).MergeCells = False

Currently Aspose.Excel doesn’t supply such a method. I plan to add it in the next hotfix. Now thanks for your patience.



Could you please develop this as a function that return a result
result should be a range like this :

Dim myRange As Aspose.Excel.Range
myRange = Excel.Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Cells(“B1”).Unmerge()

In this way, If the user want to merg the rang back, He could only use this command

Any news about this request ?

Hi nima,

Sorry for not adding these feature in the latest hotfix. In these days we have done many internal optimization and fixes bugs reported by other users. So it may take two weeks to suppply this feature. Thanks for your patience.

Hi nima,

Now it’s available. Have you download the hotfix?