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Unrecognized images

Hello team.

Recently I have encountered some barcode unrecognized images, and currently the latest version of the 21.3 jar package is still unrecognized.
The unrecognized files, the implementation code is attached.1617938768(1).jpg (319.9 KB)
1617938835(1).png (81.8 KB)
1617938768(1).jpg (319.9 KB)
1617938835(1).png (81.8 KB)

Thank you for your interest in our software product.
Your request was logged as BARCODEJAVA-1111.
We’ll let you know the result as soon as possible.

We tested the supplied image file. The image was successfully recognized.
public void test2()
String fileName = this.folder + “1617938768.jpg”;
BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(fileName, DecodeType.CODE_128);
BarCodeResult[] barCodeResults = reader.readBarCodes();
if(barCodeResults != null && barCodeResults.length > 0)
System.out.println(“barCodeResults != null && barCodeResults.length > 0”);
BarCodeResult result = barCodeResults[0];
System.out.println("CodeText : " + result.getCodeText());
System.out.println("CodeType: " + result.getCodeTypeName());

barCodeResults != null && barCodeResults.length > 0
CodeText : HHS000171320
CodeType: Code128

Please test again. If errors still appear please share the stack trace.
Thank you.

Thank you for your help. We tested it and it still doesn’t work, the code is the same, there are some unrecognized barcode inside the zip, could you please confirm it (8.5 MB)

We have noted your feedback and will share our response after analyzing the information.

Is there a solution now?

We are trying to get more information about this issue and will share it soon.

We tested all images that you’ve provided.
For images of this quality the following setting should be used:

Code of test:
String folder = “images/”;
for(final File fileEntry : new File(folder).listFiles())
String filePath = folder + fileEntry.getName();
BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(filePath, DecodeType.CODE_128);
BarCodeResult[] barCodeResults = reader.readBarCodes();
if (barCodeResults.length == 0)
System.out.println(“Image " + fileEntry.getName() + " not recognized”);
System.out.println("Image " + fileEntry.getName() + " recognized. Result: " + barCodeResults[0].getCodeText());

Image 1.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171320
Image 10.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171523
Image 11.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171590
Image 12.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171628
Image 13.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171634
Image 14.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171645
Image 15.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171932
Image 16(1).jpg recognized. Result: HHS000172187
Image 193_20210317105958193.jpeg recognized. Result: HHS000171527
Image 2.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171349
Image 3.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171368
Image 4.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171430
Image 5.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171486
Image 6.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171506
Image 7.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171512
Image 8.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171517
Image 866_20210310105414866.jpeg recognized. Result: HHS000171312
Image 9.jpg recognized. Result: HHS000171521
Image ABB.jpeg recognized. Result: A/&(,*m8

All images are recognized except ABB.jpeg (incorrect result and QR code cannot be recognized when AllSupportedTypes mode is set).
The issue BARCODEJAVA-1114 was created for ABB.jpeg.
You will be informed about the results.

Thanks The problem has been solved


It is nice to know that you are up and running again. In the event of further queries or issue, please feel free to write us back.