Unsupported Formulas


Would it be possible to add support for formulas for which you have not already coded your parsing routines to handle?

For example, I need to use the CountIf() in Excel. But you haven't programmed support for this function. So I can't.

Perhaps you could find a way for us to assign our own formula values and tell Aspose.Excel not to parse, interpret, or include in the Calculate() function, but just store it as a formula in the referenced cell.

This would allow for much more flexibility on my end as a programmer because I could use "formulas" for which you haven't programmed yet.

If cells have referenced this cell such that it would require the "formula you don't support" to calculate, you could always throw some exception. I would much rather deal with this than wait for you to program every "formula".

Thanks for your time.


Please try this attached fix. CountIf function is supported now.


Thanks for your quick reply!