Updated Aspose Word for Reporting Services - now get watermark


Since my subscription is expiring at the end of the month, I did a
check for updates and downloaded the lastest version of Aspose Words
for Reporting Services. After installation, I now get the watermark
again. Do I need to do something else?


Joy Dean

Thanks for your inquiry. Every Aspose license carries a one-year subscription for free upgrades to any new versions or fixes that come out during this time. So after your license expiration you can’t upgrade to the latest version, but you can use old version of Aspose.Words without evaluation restrictions.
So I think you should down upgrade to the old version (version of Aspose.Words for reporting service that was released before expiration date in your license).
To check expiration date of your license you should open license file using NotePad you will see the following tags there
This means that expiration date of your license is 21.05.2009. And you can free upgrade to version published before this date.
Also if you need some new functionality of fix added to the latest version of product then you should renew your license.
Best regards.

HI - my subscription does not expire until 7/24/2008. Since today is
only 7/17/2008, I should be able to upgrade. I downloaded the latest
version and installed. Now I get the watermark.

Please advise.


Thank you for additional information.

  1. Try to restart IIS.
  2. Make sure that license is placed correctly. As described here:
    Best regards.


That did it. Thank you!