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I'm using the grid to open an excel file and i want to be able to make changes to the cells, add some calculations if needed and before submitting the data i want to Update the data on the grid. For this purpose i have created a asp.net Button

calculateButton.Attributes["onmousedown"] = gridWeb.ClientID + ".updateData();";

What's appending is that the sheet looses all the data. How can i maintain the data in the sheet?


Well your code works fine here, could you try to chage the code.


calculateButton.Attributes["onclick"] = gridWeb.ClientID + ".updateData();";

and which version of Aspose.Grid you are using. What is your OS, environment, .NET framework, IIS settings? Are you using AJAX Extension and which version?

And please try the latest version : <A href="</FONT></A></FONT><FONT size=3> if it works fine here.</FONT></P> <P><FONT size=2>Thank you.</FONT></P>


I was using the 1.9.2 version in Windows Server 2003, test environment in a Virtual Machine, 2.0 .net Framework, no Ajax extension, i have tested with both IE6 and Mozilla Firefox and what setting should I have in IIS? Could it have some influence on this situation?

I have updated the version to 1.9.3 and the problem persists!!

protected void calculateButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


ans as you can see there is no code in my button click method!!



Well, there is no influence at all and Aspose.Grid.Web normally works fine with default IIS settings. It looks very strange that your worksheet looses data. Please make sure about some properties related to GridWeb control:

EnableSession -> true

SessionMode -> Session.

Thank you.

In order to decrease loading time of the component i had the EnableViewState Property Set to False!! Changed it to true and tt's Working fine now!