Updating MPX file


The processing of the MPX file seems very strange. For example in my application I reload an existing MPX file to add tasks to it, however even if I add the task to a specific parent task it always end up at the end of the task list, this is really weird.


Dear desjardinsy,

I’m not sure but.
Did you turn off all autonumerating on MPX loading and turn on back on adding new tasks?


Here is what I did... still no luck.

Dim m_ProjectFile As Aspose.Project.MPXFile

m_ProjectFile = New Aspose.Project.MPXFile

m_ProjectFile.AutoOutlineLevel = False

m_ProjectFile.AutoTaskID = False

m_ProjectFile.AutoTaskUniqueID = False

m_ProjectFile.AutoResourceID = False

m_ProjectFile.AutoCalendarUniqueID = False


m_ProjectFile.AutoOutlineLevel = True

m_ProjectFile.AutoTaskID = True

m_ProjectFile.AutoTaskUniqueID = True

m_ProjectFile.AutoResourceID = True

m_ProjectFile.AutoCalendarUniqueID = True

m_ProjectFileX = m_ProjectFile

m_ProjectFileP = Nothing

Dim aReleaseID As String

Dim prj As Aspose.Project.Project = m_ProjectFile.Project

m_EarliestDate = prj.StartDate

For Each aReleaseID In aListOfReleaseID

ProcessRelease(aReleaseID, m_ProjectFile)


prj.ScheduleFrom = Aspose.Project.ScheduleFrom.FromStart

prj.StartDate = m_EarliestDate



Dear desjardinsy,

Please check new release. Adding new child tasks was implemented.


Downloaded the hotfix from your blog but I get and Installer Error (MSI Version), I then downloaded the Zip version, but it seems the dll is the same as the one I have here. Where should I download this from?


Dear desjardinsy,

The size of dll is the same but assembly version must be


actually the dll version is


Dear desjardinsy,

Cached old zip file?
I checked msi and zip files on server. It’s correct and contains version.


Yes of course, my proxy server cached the files. Thanks. Will try it out and let you know.


Good Job, this fixed my problem. I can now add new tasks to existing files.

As far as XML support, when do you plan to deliver on this?


Dear desjardinsy,

The estimated time is January. I will keep you posted if we will finish it earlier.


Big Smile Perfect! Thanks.