Updating only edited cells back to DB in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb

Hi Aspose team,

Please let me know, whether we can have the following feature in ASpose.Cells.GridWeb,

When user edits any cell value, We need to keep a track of them and update only the edited cells back to DB.

Thank you.


There is a data binding feature that GridWeb supports and you may try if it fits your needs, see the demos for reference:

Also the article(s):

Moreover, I think you may use and handle events like onCellUpdated event and perform whatever you want like , e.g retrieving cell value, authenticating validation errors or else etc. For further ref. please check the source code of "Client Side Scripting" demos in our online demos:

Related server-side, there is no such specific event which is directly fired after a cell is updated, CellDoubleClick is there but you can use it to some extent.
See the topic for reference about server side events:

Thank you.