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URY and URX component interpreted wrong for some PDF files and shapes push on wrong position after saving the PDF

Hi Asad, We are still waiting for your update regarding PDF scattered issue. Do we get any solution for the same? We already miss the deadline of functionality to push on live. Its almost 3 months or more than that we are approaching for the same. We found few more files which are having same issue. Please find the attachment for the same. Regard’s Sujit

contracts.png (162.0 KB)

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Hi Sujit,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I have tested the scenario again with the input documents, shared over previous thread, while using latest version Aspose.Pdf for .NET 17.6 and noticed that the text overlapping issue was not encountered. It seems that conversion engine for PDF to PNG is much improved in latest release of the API. For your reference, I have also attached an output, generated by using latest version.

image_from_pdf_1_636335285083260331.png (207.9 KB)

Please try using latest release of the API and in case if you still face any issue, please share your input document, so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Best Regards,
Asad Ali

Hi Asad,

Thanks for the solution that you provided, now its working good for us. Now for latest Aspose.Pdf for .NET 17.6 dll we have 2 concerns.
1.When we refer the new dll we removed some dead code in canvas.aspx ,we found 2 namespaces which are not having any reference in new dll. The namespaces are as follows.

A] using Aspose.Pdf.Text.TextOptions;
B] using Aspose.Pdf.InteractiveFeatures.Forms;

  1. As we have already purchase the licence for the Aspose PDF and we are using the same in our application still we found following message on editor when we try to edit the PDF document.

EvaluationonlyMessage.png (9.0 KB)

Please let update us about this concern’s ASAP.



Thanks for contacting support.

It is good to know that your issue earlier issue has been resolved with latest version of the API.

In the latest version of the API, TextOptions class has been introduced under the namespace Aspose.Pdf.Text. Please try modifying namespace from Aspose.Pdf.Text.TextOptions to Aspose.Pdf.Text only, which will resolve the issue.

You can access Forms by adding namespace Aspose.Pdf.Forms in your application and removing the old namespace reference. Furthermore in the latest version of the API, the old Aspose.Pdf.Generator approach has been deprecated. In order to work with new recommended DOM approach, please refer to “Working with Aspose.Pdf” section in our API documentation.

Please make sure that you are setting license correctly before using any feature of the API. If you are developing an ASP.NET application, you can call License.SetLicense() from the Global.asax.cs (Global.asax.vb) file, in the Application_Start protected method. It is called once when the application starts. Do not call License.SetLicense() from within Page_Load() methods since it means the license will be loaded every time a web page is loaded.

In case if you still face any issue, please share a sample application which demonstrate your license setting routine, so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Best Regards,
Asad Ali

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFNET-42582) have been fixed in Aspose.Pdf for .NET 17.8. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by codewarior