Use a license to a lower version



We have recently purchased a license for version 19.4, but, due that our production environment still runs in JDK 1.6, we have been forced to downgrade the version to 19.2.

We send a request ticket inquiring about the order (190409061200) to learn if we can still use the license in a lesser version, and the sales department said that it was ok.

We are doing that right now and we are finding the “Evaluation license” message. Could you please confirm that the license is effectively valid for other versions than the purchased?

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your inquiry. Please check the expiration date of your license file. To check an expiration date of your license, open the license file using notepad. You will see the following tags:


It means that you can free upgrade to version of Aspose product published before 05/31/2019.

If you still face problem, please post your license file via private message. In order to send a private message with attachments, please click on my name and find “Message” button. (see the screenshot). We will investigate the issue on our end and provide you more information. Please do not share your license file publicly.


Hello back:

Here is what I have:




Thanks for sharing the license. We have not found any issue with your license file. Please make sure that you have set the license before importing the document. You can also check that your input document has not evaluation watermark. Moreover, please remove all other Aspose.Words Jar files from your application if there are any.


Ok, I will review the installation.