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Use Aspose.Barcode controls in VS.NET 10 or greater versions

Dear Aspose-Team,

since more then 5 years we are using Aspose Barcode and Aspose Word.

But at the moment we are very disappointed, because the installation on our new server environment are not working properly. We want to switch from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2 but we can’t

At first the setup:

  • We are using a completely patched Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard - We are using Visual Studio 10 Shell from the SQL Installation, better known as SQL Server Data Tools
  • We are using a licensed Aspose.Barcode in version 7.9.0
  • The installation was straight forward only some paths was edited to fit the requirements
  • The Visual Studio is installed in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0"
  • The Visual Studio 2010 is up to date and shows the version number
    10.0.40219.1 SP1 Rel

The problems is following:
  • The MSI Installer only generates a new folder in Program Files
  • The MSI installer did not change the configuration ether of the server nor of the visual studio
  • The MSI installer did not copy at any files into the right folder (report server and visual studio)

Conclusion: The MSI Installer failed completely

In the second step I installed the module manually. I copied the files and changed the config files according to your only description. It seems* that the installation for the reporting server works fine, the installation for VS 10 does not work.

I run into multiple issues when I try to get the VS 10 up and running with Aspose Barcode:
  • your documentation says that there must be two dll’s (report server / designer) but in the current installation via MSI and in the DLL’s only download there are only one pair of files (dll /xml)
  • if I use the current version dll from 2012 from 7.9.0 I got following message:
    Der Typ “Aspose.BarCode.ReportingServices.BarcodeReportDesigner” in der Assembly “Aspose.BarCode.ReportingServices, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56” konnte nicht geladen werden.
  • I also tried other dll’s from 2008R2 and VS 2012 but there I receive a miss match error
    (version of dll doesn’t fit the application)
  • to get a working solution I downloaded the last version with an separate designer dll, that was for me the version 7.0.0
  • now I see my barcode’s again but I got a other problem, all barcode’s got the same issue:
    "Too small barcode’s size - width…"
  • I tried to fit the barcode’s sizes into the given space (changed X& Y Dimension) and I got a preview,
    but after I close an open the project again, the message reapers
  • In addition to that, the new sized barcode is much smaller than the old one and I got problems with some barcode reading applications
  • sometimes I just ignore the message and provide the barcode with the old values to the report server and everything is fine, but sometimes the barcode does not get rendered and I only get a little red x instead of the barcode picture


At the moment I got no stable, fine working solution for server 2012 R2 with Visual Studio 10. I can’t edit and change existing barcode’s without many issues. I can’t switch from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2.

Please tell me what I can do to be a satisfied customer again!

Best regards

Maik Löwe

Hi Maik,

We are investigating the issues mentioned in your post and will share a step-by-step guide with you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Hi Maik,

Regarding the issue in VS 2010 configuration, this issue has been logged into our issue tracking system as BARCODENET-36200. Our product team is working on the issue and we will update you as soon as it is resolved.

As far as too small barcode size and a little red x instead of barcode issues are concerned, please try adjusting the barcode size according to your requirement. It should resolve the issue.

Please try stetting GraphicsUnit and the barcode size and note that when you set GraphicsUnit to millimeter or inch, you must set resolution in this case. You can either use pixel as graphics unit or set resolution (with height and width) if you want to use millimeter or inch to get accurate results.

In short, you can use AutoSize, GraphicsUnits, Resolution, ImageWidth and ImageHeight properties to set auto size to false, and set graphics units, resolution, width and height respectively. Once these values are set, you will see the correct result.

Please also keep the following calculations in mind when setting the size.

inches = pixels / dpi
pixel = inches * dpi
1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inches
1 centimeter = 10 millimeters therefore 1 millimeter = 0.0393700787 inches
pixel = cm 0.393700787 dpi
8 Millimeters = 8 * 0.0393700787 inches = 0.1181102361 inches

Best Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as BARCODENET-36200) have been fixed in this update.

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