Use Excel Spreadsheet as a calculation Engine



We are currently in the process of evaluating Aspose.Cells java for our project and have some difficulties understanding whether the tool can solve the following need:

In brief, we want to use Excel spreadsheets as a calculation engine and integrate it to our java application (which will handle persistence). We have some template spreadsheets with formulas. Our java application will select some data from the database, put them in one tab of the spreadsheet. At this point, we expect Aspose to refresh the value of the formulas of the spreadsheet. Then our application gets the results of those formulas and store them to the database.

Is it possible with Aspose Java ? How ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.




After calling Workbook.calculateFormula() method, Aspose.Cells for Java will recalculate all formulas in the workbook and store the results to the cell. You can save the value of the cell to the database.(The cell value is formula value if the cell is formula).


Warren, thanks for your help. That was exactly what I was looking for.