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Use of BufferedImage internally for BarCodeReader?

I would like to know if the BarCodeReader constructor, when passed a string to a file image, uses a java.awt.BufferedImage internally. I’m using Aspose.Barcodes 20.10 for Java and have had an out of memory error when constructing my own BufferedImage to pass to Aspose BarCodeReader. My question becomes - if Aspose is reading a file into a BufferedImage or I pass a BufferedImage to Aspose then either way a BufferedImage is required. However, if Apose BarCodeReader is NOT constructing a BufferedImge when passed a file name I’d really like to know that. Thanks so much.

We are gathering details and will share our feedback soon.

internally we use our own image class implementation which has a number of improvements.
Probably the OutOfMemoryError appears at the stage of converting BufferedImage.
Can you share an image file to test this case?

I"m sorry, I cannot share the image. However, you answered my question. The OutOfMemory was incurred by me when constructing a BufferedImage to pass to BarCodeReader along with a Rectangle. I was trying to find out how to minimize the memory requirements and since Aspose uses its own implementation of an image in memory it probably is better for me to pass a file name to BarCodeReader rather than a BufferedImage.