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Use SSRS to Create email Message with Report embedded

How can I utilize SQL Server Reporting Services to render a report (with parameters) and embed it in an email message for editing without using the subscription?

I would like to be able to go to a report, enter my parameters, run the report, and then either click a hyperlink inside the report, or otherwise output the report to an email message where I can add attachments, additional comments, etc before sending.

I am able to get halfway there with the “Action” feature inside of Reporting Services, however, I cannot get the report to embed itself in the body of the email. The closest I can get is some text and a hyperlink.

Any help is appreciated.


Reports are the end product which is used to view the data. Data rendered in SQL report and adding attachments/text in an email message are two different things. You have to add attachments or text in the email in a separate interface. Yes, you can embed a URL (with parameters) in email body that will open a SQL report from your server.

Using Action feature of SSRS and introducing a hpyerlink or Go to Report (with parameters), you can open up a new SQL report. Embedding its self in the email body is not possible.