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Using an HTML editor to update autoshape

Is it possible to update an autoshape through html?

I get the shape’s current html like this:

autoshape.TextFrame.Paragraphs.ExportToHtml(0, autoshape.TextFrame.Paragraphs.Count, null);

Then set the shape’s html like this:




Hi Paul,

I have observed the requirement shared and like to share the shared approach looks Ok. Please visit this documentation link for your further kind reference in this regard.

Many Thanks,

Hi Mudassir,

Thank you for your reply. So using the Aspose API (ExportToHtml and AddFromHtml) I perform 3 steps:

1. I get the shape’s html and make a small change
2. I set the shape’s html
3. I re-get the shape’s html

Below I show three sets of html:
1. Get the html from the shape (ExportToHtml)
2. Set the html for the shape (AddFromHtml)
3. Get the html again for the shape (ExportToHtml)

The first two html strings look ok.

The the 3 html string shows the color of the font as red (#ff0000). This is incorrect.

If it helps, I can send the file with all three html strings which I created using Notepad++.

Thank you for your help.


> Get the shape’s HTML:

Welcome to Coram Specialty Infusion Services

> Set the shape’s HTML:


.p_617035D6 { margin: 26.6666666666667px 0px 0px 0px;text-align: left;text-indent: 0pt;padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; }
.s_49280DED { font-family: ‘Calibri’;font-style: Normal;font-weight: bold;font-size: 42.6666666666667px;color: #17375E; }

xWelcome to Coram Specialty Infusion Services!

> Get the shape’s HTML again:

xWelcome to Coram Specialty Infusion Services!

Hi Paul,

Thank you for sharing the html details with us. However, I request you to please share the issues details with us that are incurring on your end. Please also provide the sample project and source presentation, generated and desired output files with us. I will be able to investigate the issue further on my end to help you out.

Many Thanks,

Hello Mudassir,

Attached should be a sample WPF C# application that shows the “red font” problem. Just launch the application and following the notes in the blue. Note that I’ve removed the license file so please add the license file that I’m sending to you in an email into the debug directory first.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I have worked with the sample project share by you and have been able to observe the issue specified. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-36433 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be automatically notified once the issue will be resolved.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

I still don’t see a response. Is there a way to escalate this issue?

Hi Paul,

I like to share that the issue shared by you has just recently been created in our issue tracking system and is pending for investigation in issues queue. Our product team will schedule and investigate the issue on its due turn and after that we will be able to share any ETA for the issue. As far as your requirement of escalating the issue is concerned, I like to share that we do offer paid priority or enterprise support service that expedite the issue resolution process but it still depends on the complexity of the issue. Please visit this link for further information about paid support.

Many Thanks,

At the request of the support team I’m following up on the forum to echo the concerns I shared on Live Chat. We are again requesting a timely resolution to the issue outlined above, there is a disturbing lack of response to what seems to clearly be a bug in the API. It also seems inappropriate to expect a customer, who has paid thousands for your product, to pay an additional expense just to have the aforementioned bug fixed. Please provide us with a fix, a workaround, or estimate on when we can expect either. Failing all of that, please provide details on how we can get a refund.


Hi Paul,

I am sorry for your inconvenience. I have raised the priority of the issue to High. Our product team has scheduled the issue for investigation on their end during Week 26. We will share the feedback with you as soon as the updates will be shared by our product team.

Many Thanks,

Any updates on the status of this issue? I believe week 26 is June 22 through June 28 so I like to know if any progress has been made.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for getting back to us. I have observed your comments and like to share with you that this issue has been fixed for the upcoming version of Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.6.0. We will share the good news with you as soon as Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.6.0 will be shared online.

Best Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-36433) have been fixed in this update.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by MuzammilKhan