Using another pdf as watermark/stationery


Trying to eliminate activepdf toolkit from the my mix.

Currently I use the activepdf addlogo method to use another pdf as stationery for my word generated pdf.

Current flow is:

1: Merge Letter (was softartisans -> now aspose.word)
2: Generate PDF (was neevia docconverter -> now aspose.word/aspose.pdf)
3: Determine appropriate pdf to use as letterhead and apply to pdf generated in step 2. (currently activePDF toolkit).

The Aspose solutions make good drop in replacements for steps one and two with significant speed and scalability improvements.

For step three I don’t immediately see the equivalent. The Aspose background/header related methods only mention text and graphics - not applying an existing PDF.

Any help appreciated.



Dear Jerry,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

In fact, Aspose.Pdf can’t manipulate existing pdf. We have another product Aspose.Pdf.Kit which can manipulate existing Pdf. But using pdf as watermark is still not supported in Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Pdf2Image function will soon be available in this product. Then we will consider adding support for using another pdf as watermark.


Dear Jerry,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I see much potential for you to write a success story if you finally have got a successful replacement of softartisans and activepdf. I will encourage our PDF team work hard to help you to achive your goal. In this case, if you can post your success story at, you will be eligible for a great discount. After you have posted your success story, please post at to request such discount.


Fair enough. The toolkit performance is good. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a good way of applying the letterhead during the initial pdf conversion step.




I'll be sure to post something. The word->pdf conversion speed was the driving need and aspose is a great solution.

Any other synergies/performance improvements are bonuses.

One thought though....

Don't keep the classic asp functionality hidden from the marketing stuff. Add a "works with" bullet point in the features list and a few asp examples in the demo pages. I had to search the knowledgebase, check the docs, etc before deciding it worth my time to download and evaluate.



Dear Jerry,

I don’t understand your requirement exactly. Is it possible to find and add the letterhead in step 1 or step 2? If so, both Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf is flexible enough to handle this.


I know which letterhead gets applied before it all starts, so applying it could happen at any point in the process where I can deal with a PDF.

For it to fit well with the existing process and keep IT out of the graphic design arena, I need to use the PDFs we have.

I’m not interested in changing the interface to the users at all. Users already understand the process and are capaple of generating/uploading new “leterhead” PDFs into the system.

The activepdf toolkit is extremely fast at applying the pdf watermark and there is no perceptible delay to the user. This is not so much about fixing something that is broken, but making sure I’m doing it the best way and minimizing the number of third party components required.