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Using Aspose.Cells.GridWeb in Ajax Asp.NET

Received : 2007/12/31 04:50:37


today i purchased the grid. grid is working fine with ajax. but in some pages its not working why? in one page double click is working( i place the grid in Update Panel) but in another two pages double click is not working. in one page grid display style has changed. why? what i have to do to solve these problems.

i have written in page_load() event

Aspose.Grid.Web.License lic = new Aspose.Grid.Web.License();


can you please tell me the solution. in one page its working fine. one page double click is not working and in another page display has changed.

please give me the solution for this.

thanking you


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Thanks for considering Aspose,

Could you elaborate what different settings, code etc. you are implementing in other pages and which styles, formattings are changed. Are you using client-side script in other pages.

And by the way, could you try to add some lines in the appSetting sections to the web.config file:

Actually this config prevent the control from using embeded client resource(images, scripts, etc.) which may cause some formattings, styles problems on MS Ajax. You may also copy the agw_client folder (from the installed folder for Aspose.Grid) to your application and set the value accordingly.

Thank you.