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Using Aspose.Slides with Coldfusion


I'm trying to evaluate Aspose.slides.

I downloaded Java version of it and created a class file (for testing), when i try to compile from cmd, i'm getting "package com.aspose.slides does not exist"

Can anyone guide me in the right track - for using Aspose.Slides with ColdFusion.

Thank you


Dear Sanjay,

Aspose.Slides for JAVA is a jar file. You need to search on internet, how to use Java libraries in ColdFusion.

Please see these links if it is helpful

Please also see this thread if it is helpful

Further, I will be forwarding your query to technical team and it will help you better.

Please also see this link

ColdFuison Standalone

  1. The easiest way to add class or jar files to your class path is to simply drop them in the lib directory where they are automatically picked up. The directory is located at {cf_installation}/lib.
  2. You can also drop them in any of the Java extension directories. To find a list of the Java extension directories, open the ColdFusion administrator and click on "System Information". Toward the bottom, you will see a system property called "Java Ext Dirs". You can put jar and class files in any of those directories to have them picked up by the ColdFusion server.
  3. If you want more control over the order in which class files are loaded, you can add them to the ColdFusion server's class path manually. In the ColdFusion administrator, click on "Java and JVM", then add the absolute paths to your jar or class files in the "Class Path" field.
  4. Finally, you can manually add class and jar files to the server's class path located in the jvm.config file. I'm not going to go into much detail about that since I recommend you use the admin interface rather than tweaking config files by hand.

Thanks a lot Fiaz,

Do you still face this problem? And if not, how did you solve it?


i figured it out[with major help from my Tech Lead], I've another question.

When i pass .JPG it works and when i try to send .GIF it throws me an error.

do i need to make any changes to my code or Aspose.Slides (or PowerPoint) does support only .JPG's

Can you please let me know

Thank you


Dear Sanjay,

Actually, Aspose.Slides does not support any image format by itself. It uses JAI to read images. So if JAI supports some format then Aspose.Slides also supports it.

For the benefits of others, can you please explain how did you solved your previous problem?