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Using Aspose.Word from VB6


I’ve seen in a forum, you’ve used Aspose.Word with a VB6 project. I’m not familiar with components, so can you give me an example how to use Aspose.Word with VB6

Thanks for your help,

Hi Aart,

Yes, we can use use Aspose.Word from VB6 in our test environment but it has not made it into release yet.

Please let me know where do you want to mail merge your data from. Do you have it in ADO recordset or XML file or what?

We might need to add additional methods to Aspose.Word to support this type of integration better. I think best for us is to support loading from an XML file or string in format such as this (it will also be okay if FirstName and LastName are attributes, not elements):


Once we agree on the way you want to pass data into Aspose.Word we will release VB6 compatible interface quickly.

I didn’t understand very well. So, I’m able to use the Aspose.Word in VB 6 or not?

Yes, you can, for more details please see