Using Aspose.Word in Server Side


Hi :

We are using Microsoft Word at the Server side to achieve the following in a project for our client:

1. Merge and Paginate

a.Merge multiple Word documents into one word document. e.g. Two documents exist 420.doc, 430.doc and these are being merged into one file say Myfile.doc. Each merged file becomes a separate section in the merged document.

b. Paginate the merged document with page number appearing in the footer with a suffix containing the original file name i.e. 420-34.

c. Remove any previous header that the original document may have and insert a new Header with a logo image and some other data variables.

2. Fill document templates.

If you think the above are possible using Aspose.Word and it is more stable than Word(in server side), please let me know. We would then recommend our clients to buy Aspose.

Please let me know if you require further details.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

1. Combining documents is possible, see Sections and Section classes, also see the Product Catalog example in the online demo.

2. You can either insert page numbers into the document while you design it in MS Word, or you can programmatically insert page numbering fields into the document at runtime using DocumentBuilder class.

3. It is possible to clear headers and footers, see Section.ClearStory method. You can insert new content into headers and footers using DocumentBuilder.

4. It is easy to fill documents or templates using either mail merge, mail merge with regions or using bookmark and inserting text at bookmarks. See the demo project included with the product for more info.