Using Aspose.Words OCR for C++

I need to use ‘image to text’.
I found aspose link →
But I couldn’t find the source code for c++
is there anyone who can help?

@hkturan You can consider using Aspose.OCR to achieve what you need. I will move your request into the appropriate forum. My colleagues from Aspose.OCR team will help you shortly.


Please check the following C++ example to perform OCR on an image using Aspose.OCR for C++:

cccc.PNG (24.8 KB)
This image worked fine with given link :
But your code’s output is : @īSIVā
So Aspose.OCR doesn’t work well.


We are checking it and will get back to you shortly.

You will see, success rate is really low.Thank you very much I am waiting you.


Sadly, Aspose.OCR does not currently recognize white text over a colored background. We definitely plan to add this feature in the future and the enhancement ticket for this feature is logged as OCRCPP-284 in our issue tracking system. We will let you know via this forum thread as soon as the ticket is resolved. Please spare us some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.