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Using DocumenBuilder from COM or ASP

Hi all,

You’re creating great components. Thanks for that !
I’m evaluating Aspose.Word with COM and/or ASP.

From a VB6 testproject I’m able to access the Word and Document classes.
But could you please tell me how I can access the DocumentBuilder class ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Rishi,

Are you sure you don’t plan to migrate to .NET in the near future? It would make things simpler both for you and for us. We find it’s quite hard for us to provide proper support for COM and ASP in our .NET components.

In general, you should be able to use DocumentBuilder in COM no problem. The ProgID will be “Aspose.Word.DocumentBuilder”.

The most notorious problem will be enumerated values.

Let’s do it this way. You just try to use it and post here if you have concrete problems (say cannot call some methods or need to use some enumerated values). I will provide support on as required basis.

Hi Roman,

First of all: I’ve never seen such a quick response !

While waiting for a response I was playing around with the ‘Document.MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegionsADO’ functionality.
It looks like this covers all our needs.

Thanks a lot,