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Using encryption in Aspose.Email


We are in process of buying for python library. As per our company security policy we need to know if any crypto is used in for python.

Since we are data backup company we need to know this from security point of view.



I have observed your requirements and request you to please elaborate that what actually you meant by crypto requirements so that we may help you further.

Yes sure.

We are looking for any specific encryption library being used in conversion of emls to PST.


We are investigating on our end that how our API may address your requirements and will share feedback with you as soon as possible. At present there is no direct provision available in API to address your requirements.


We have internally discussed details on our end. We do not use any special encryption by default. But there are two things, though we are not sure but that may be what you need.

  1. In a low level PST implementation, data can be encrypted with Permutative (using by default) or Cyclic encoding. But this is a feature of the PST format itself.

  2. MailMessage сlass supports encryption and decryption using the MailMessage.Encrypt and MailMessage.Decrypt methods respectively. But Aspose.Email for Python NOT supports this.


Can you please elaborate what you want to achieve using Aspose.Email.

They need to know about the crypto, because if something happens, the person who used crypto can’t be traced.

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