Using groupRows in smart Markers

I need help with aspose smart markers to group the rows in my final output (7.2 KB)
I have attached the expected o/p and the smart markers that I have been using.

Your timely help is appreciated.


Aspose.Cells’ Smart Markers has its own general formattings/style, so you cannot always customize it according to your custom needs. Could you elaborate on your output (expected) data. What is “5” denotes in B2 and B8 cells? Also, what is “Date:” with the date values, is it constant (that you want to add) or part of the data in your source?

Date consist of the values , that will be flow from the data set. ‘5’ refers to the 5 days for which I have considered. I am merging to rows for one particular name so I wanted to implement the groupingRow property so that it can be grouped using the firstcolumn ‘Name’.


We have to evaluate and discuss your requirements thoroughly on our end if this can be achieved in Smart Markers. We will get back to you soon.


We think your data source should be arranged properly. It’s better that 5 should be data of e.g marker.Duration and the data source should be in a table. If not, you may implement ICellsDataTable interface to arrange your data as a simple table.

The data is coming properly from the dataSet itself, that is not an issue. My concern here is how should I implement the groupRows part where I want to group the rows as the collapsible non collapsible one in excel

We are analyzing the details and will share our feedback soon.


Did you try using grouping rows and columns feature (after you have processed Smart Markers and data is filled into worksheet cells)? If you still find any issue, kindly do provide your expected file where you have manually grouped data in Excel and re-saved the file, we will check it soon.