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Using .NET Framework 2.0.50215 and ASPOSE.Word

Downloaded the demo of ASPOSE.Word.
The DLL’s ( show up in my Website/Add Reference list, and they are also in the Bin directory (DLL and XML).

I’m working with the July Beta2 version of Visual Studio.NET and using VB.
When I try Imports Aspose.Word it’s not recognised.

Is this fixed for the RC or should it be working?


Hang on, I am being thick now. Just noticed the version is at the top, followed by the newer releases.

Installed and it still no workee.
I have the v1.1.4322 framework installed.

Any idea’s?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

We’ve just been reported about a similar issue:

However, downloading the latest release has helped there.

Please try to use fully qualified names:

Dim doc As Aspose.Word.Document = New Aspose.Word.Document()

Does it help?

No joy I’m afraid.
Type Aspose.Word.Document is not defined.

It’s no biggie as RC1 is out soon and apparently on it’s way to me. Has anyone had chance to test on RC1?

Sorry sorry.
I didn’t refresh the web reference thereby copying over the old dll.
I am thick after all.