Using packages for Tex

I want to render plots using pgfplots -

“! TeX capacity exceeds, sorry [hash size=20000].”

The log entry has this added unhelpful message added:

“If you really absolutely need more capacity,
you can ask a wizard to enlarge.”

Are there any Wizards here who can teach me?

Unfortunately the pgfplots package is not supported yet. So actually you are supposed to see “! LaTeX Error: File `pgfplots.sty’ not found.” in the log. Could you please share a basic sample tex file?

I added the package source files and used the RequiredInputDirectory to let the engine find them - the ltx file was just the sample ltx that comes with the pgf plots library.

I am surprised by the lack of documentation for the Aspose.tex package - it would be really cool if you guys were serious about supporting this and I would use it massively, but I am scared right now to invest any effort into using it…

We’re going to look into the issue and provide estimates next week.
Regarding the lack of documentation, please visit our docs and API reference sites:

@mcentaggart, we would like to inform you know that the new 22.12 version of the Aspose.TeX library allows using the pgfplots package the way you wanted it to, i.e. via the RequiredInputDirectory option. Also, please refer to the documentation article which could probably clear up some details for you: External LaTeX packages | .NET.

Wow - this looks awesome! - I will try it in a bit.

Adding documentation is a great help too!