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Using Structures of Data

in my Application, I cache Data in a Structure from the DB call from my Webform. I noticed that there is a sample that passes a string array of fieldnames, then the second object is an object. Could i do this?:

objAspose.MailMerge.Execute(arrayOfFieldNames, CachedStructure)
in Vb.Net?

Thanks in Advance
Eddie B.


The second parameter is an array of values to be inserted into the merge fields. So you have to use an array:

'Fill the fields in the document with user data.
New String() {“FullName”, “Company”, “Address”, “Address2”, “City”},
New Object() {fullNameEdit.Text, companyEdit.Text,
addressEdit.Text, address2Edit.Text, cityEdit.Text})

Thanks i was hoping to just pass the structure object which more or less is like a table. Could i execute the method that uses a table or are structure structure and cant be used as a table? thanks for your help

Eddie B.

You can find all the possible overloads of the MailMerge.Execute method here: