Validate method failure

Validate method returns true while this eml is not valid: (2.3 KB),

I think the email with the provided content is a valid. The email header fields are present and valid, but the body section is missing. So, technically, the email is valid, but it does not include any message content (body part).

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I thought because of content type header with no content…

Anyway, this one also:
Unexpected unencoded non-ASCII character was found ( line 43)
While I don’t see such char in line 43 (5.9 KB)
I have created an investigation ticket:

Issue ID(s): EMAILNET-41031


The not standard apostrophe symbol(0xE2) is present in value of X-Ham-Report header. It can be see by any Hex editor.
text.jpg (474.8 KB)
hex.jpg (446.9 KB)