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Validation In Aspose.GridWeb

Hi All,

we need your help in validation cell level on aspose.Gridweb, we are facing issue while validation the cells,
* ( if A5 cell has Integer validation only it should accept integer value,while typing string inside the A5 cell it has to display in ToolTip as “Please Type Integer” as a custom message and,

* mainly it should not allow to focus on next cell, if we click on any other cell it should come back to A5 showing the Error Message in ToolTip or in PopUp message box,

* and Moreover if we click on Submit Button, GridWeb should not allow to submit with Error validations.)

we are struck up with validation part, Kindly help us to proceed to next level.
Please share some sample code which has to suit all these three steps mention above.



Well, the data validation provided by Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control is different in behavior as compared to Ms Excel.
If you enter wrong data, you may navigate to next cell but the cell with invalid data will display red crosses (XXX). Also when you submit data, it will not be posted either.

Please see the demo for complete reference on how the data validation works in GridWeb:

Thank you.