#Value! errors

Using .Net

Since upgrading from yesterday to fix the freeze panes issue I've been getting lots of #Value! errors throughout my spreadsheet. If I go into the formula bar and either press enter or press the tick then the formula is correctly calculated. If I go back to it works as expected. I have attached a example of the problem - if you look at 4 QTR Data Summary!P41 it contains #Value! but is a valid formula against valid data. It is also possible to change the formula to contain a SUM and it will work as in:

A1+SUM(B1:B5) changed to SUM(A1)+SUM(B1:B5)

if that helps solve the problem.

Can you have a look at it?



Hi David,

Yes, we found the issue after an initial test, we will figure it out soon.

Thank you.


Please try the attached version v4.7.1.4, we have fixed the issue regarding setting formula.

Thank you.


Thanks. The fix worked.