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Value for the header 924057603(PR_ATTACH_FLAGS) is not properly populated

Thank you for the info.
I did some initial testing and the fileName seemed to get populated…
But we cannot be sure until this release is done and the version is available on maven repository.

Is it not possible for your team to make a minor version release, without waiting until next month??

Aspose.Email 21.2.1 has been released in maven repository.

Thank you…
Will do testings at our end and let you know.

Hey Andrey,
We did the testing at our end… and for many emails we found new discrepancies.

We are still analyzing the changes we observed
Will let you know soon about all that we can see…


We will be looking forward to hearing from your side.

Hello Andrey,
Please find the new test cases, attached to this comment.
Follow the same instructions to run it as in comment 1 of this thread.

You will find it the test-case is failing.
The below properties are not getting populated:

This is happening only for a few cases i.e. not all the eml with inline attachment are failing.
You can try to replace the test.eml file in the resource folder with the ‘test.eml’ provided in and you will find the same test-case runs. (21.0 KB)

Thank you for the issue description. Our development team will investigate it. I will keep you informed about any progress. Thank you for your patience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILJAVA-34792) have been fixed in this update.