Various Problems with Text and 3D Effects in Thumbnails of Slides

Hey there,

We are looking for a solution to automatically create thumbnails of PowerPoint slides (that were created with MS PowerPoint) without using the PowerPoint API. We were really excited when we found your solution and immediately started your trial version. Although we are still optimistic, we encountered a few "rendering" issues that are critical to us, e.g.

  • Text wrapping is not always working
  • Shadows are not supported properly
  • Various other PPT effects are not supported (e.g. blurring, mirroring, SmartArt effects, etc.)

If required, I am happy to send you sample presentations that highlight the issues. We used your latest trial version on the website and used PowerPoint presentations that were created with Office 2013 & Office 2016.

Thanks so much for your help!



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for showing interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your requirements and issues highlighted by you. I request you to please provide the source presentation file along with generated output describing issue on your end. I also like to add further that we always welcome feedback and issues faced by our customers and log them in our issue tracking system. Based on complexity of the problems the issues are scheduled and resolved in our issue tracking system by our product team. Please share, if we can help you further.

Best Regards,

Hi there,

thanks for your message! Please find attached our test presentation with the native PPT slides and the results of PPT vs. Aspose on the next slide. If you need further input, please let me know!

I am looking forward to your reply!

Hello Stephen

We are also experiencing this exact same issue. if you look back to the history, this problem has been reported over an over again since 2009. Apparently Aspose cannot figure out how to solve this issue - when we generate images from PowerPoint using Aspose, the quality is horrible. Text is dithered. Images are dithered. Aspose does not seem to have a solution since this is a very old problem. My question to Aspose is why do you act like it is the first time you are hearing this issue everytime someone reports it? if you do not have a way to resolve it, I think your customers deserve to know as they are paying significant amount for your solutions.

BTW, Spire has the same issue.

Hi Kuhoo,

We are sorry for your inconvenience.

I have observed your comments and like to share that rendering issues are shared on regular basis and resolved regularly as well. We cannot consider all of issue of similar nature apparently to be the same. They are different internally and we always strive to resolve the issues shared by our customers on regular basis by providing efficient support. You are always welcome to share the issue and we will try our level best to rectify them.


I have observed the presentation file shared by you and request you to please provide the generated output along with sample code and issue details. I will investigate the issues on my end to help you further in this regard once the requested information will be shared.

Many Thanks,
Hi Mudassir,

we just created a simple C#/ .NET add-in to create the thumbnails. Why would you need that simple code? Is there anything that we could have done wrong using your library??? Just wondering...

In the presentation I created, you have all the information required I believe. There is always the first slide that we used to create a thumbnail. On the following slide, you will see what PowerPoint did using the PowerPoint API to create thumbnails and on the right hand side, you always see the output that Aspose created. I think it is obvious what the issues are, e.g. there are no shadows although shadows were used. Or the chart legend is displayed at the wrong position, or the text is not wrapping identically, etc.

So just help me understand what else you need to understand the problem?


Hi Stephen,

Please accept my apologies for inconvenience on your end.

I have worked with the presentation file shared by you and like to share that I have been able to observe four types of issues. Some are bugs and some are owing to missing support in Aspose.Slides. I like to add further here that at present the support for shadows, mirroring, 3D-effects and soft edges rendering support is unavailable in Aspose.Slides. Following issues have been created in our issue tracking system in response to your issues:

  • An issue with ID SLIDESNET-37484 has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve the text wrapping issue on slide 2.
  • An issue with ID SLIDESNET-37485 has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve the lost shadows and mirror effects on slides 6 and 12.
  • An issue with ID SLIDESNET-37486 has been created in our issue tracking
    system to investigate and resolve the lost 3-D effects and rotations on
    slides 8 and 10.
  • An issue with ID SLIDESNET-37487 has been created in our issue tracking
    system to investigate and resolve the lost soft edges effects on
    slide 14.

I have not been able to observe the issue of impositioned chart labels using Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.4.0 on my end. For your kind reference the generated thumbnail is also attached. This thread has been linked with the issues so that you may be automatically notified once the issue will be fixed.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hi Mudassir,

thanks so much for your reply and opening up these tickets. Highly appreciated. Could you give me a rough estimate until when These issues (at least the text wrapping and shadow) will be probably fixed? Do we talk about weeks or months? We will make our buying decision after these issues have been resolved so I am just wondering when we can expect this!

We are also happy to test your bugfixes once you have completed them!

Thanks again,

Hi Stephan,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I like to share that the issues have just recently been created and are waiting queue for investigation at the moment. I will request you to please be patient till the time our product team share its feedback. However, as per my personal knowledge about the product, the issue of text wrapping is a bug that is likely to get resolved earlier. Where as the other issues are missing implementation and we are already working over implementation of internal library for rendering. So, these ticket may take sometime. However, I would still request you to be patient for actual response shared by our product team.

Many Thanks,

Hi Muddasir,

I just wanted to touch base again and see whether you have any news for me on the outstanding bugs and implementations? We have to make an Investment decision soon and it would help in your favor if some of the reported issues get resolved soon.


Hi Stephen,

I have verified the issues status from our issue tracking system. Like I shared before that the shared issues are actually missing implementations in Aspose.Slides. We are still working over providing rendering support for 3-D object, shadows and soft edges and this support is likely to get included during Q4 of 2016. For text wrapping issues, we are still working over that and I have requested our product team to share the feedback in this regard. I will be able to share further information with you as soon as it will be shared by our product team.

Many Thanks,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-37484) have been fixed in this update.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-37487) have been fixed in this update.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-37485) have been fixed in this update.

The issues you found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-37486) have been fixed in Aspose.Slides for .NET 23.1 (ZIP, MSI).
You can check all fixes on the Release Notes page.
You can also find the latest version of our library on the Product Download page.