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Varying page headers?

Hi there,

I am evaluating Aspose.Word right now to replace an app which starts a Word instance to create documents. After looking through the forums and documentation, I have one question:

Does Aspose.Word allow different page headers and footers on first, odd and even pages pages of a section, like Word does?



If you have a document that already heas headers and footers like this and you want to pass this document through Aspose.Word - this is supported.

If you want to create headers and footers inside the document at runtime - we plan to add this functionality to the DocumentBuilder class very soon.

Actually, you already can use DocumentBuilder to add any content to headers and footers if you have a mail merge field there and use DocumentBuilder.MoveToMergeField method. Then you can insert text, tables, images, fields etc if that’s what you need.