VB Demo Example and Project 2007

The demo example does not work with project 2007 when creating an .mpx file, the following error occurs:-

An Import Error Occurred

Check row 1 column 18

It does not happen if I remove the task.AddResourceAssignment (but is not much use without this!).

Can you help, as I cannot create any project files without getting this error.

Also, when will it be possible to write to an mpp file directly?

Please change the Legacy Formats option in Tools – > Options – > Security tab to Allow loading files with legacy or non default file formats.

If the problem still persists, then let me know.

I have that option set. Problem is still occurring.

Dear Harley,

I have reported this bug and the fix will be available in couple of weeks.

Has the problem been fixed?

No, it has not been fixed yet. But I have requested the technical team to fix it soon or specify some timeline for it.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Shakeel,

Have been able to find a solution for this MPX Import error?

Regards, Shakir