VB.Net sample code for calculating checksum for Barcode Symbology128



I would like to use the checksum value for error scanned error detection.

Do you have VB.Net sample code for calculating checksum for Barcode 128?

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Thanks for considering Aspose.BarCode!

Aspose.BarCode already provides build-in checksum of Code 128 BarCode.
But if you want to extract the checksum of a specific code text, sadly to say, currently there's no interface in Aspose.BarCode for standalone checksum calculation for 128 symbology. We will discuss whether it's nessary for doing so, however, i will provide a function in VB to you to calculate checksum tonight.


Thanks iret,

That would be perfect. I appreciate all your efforts. Your an "A" player at Aspose. I enjoy working with you guys in creating applications.




Thanks very much for your kind words, the attachment is the sample code for calculating code 128's checksum. Play with it if you have time. Please feel free to ping me with any questions or ideas.

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I took the guts out and plugged it into the app. It works wonderfully.

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Hi, Randel,

Thanks for your post,

We have done some fixes in the install file of Aspose.BarCode. Therefore, it can be installed on the machine only dot net 2.0 intalled.

You can download the setup file for installing on your machine.

Thanks again.