Vector graphics



i’am currently evaluating Aspose.Pdf. It’s a great tool. But before i can ask my boss to purchase a license i have test it also with vector graphics (particularly WMF and EMF).

As already mentioned in you wanted to implement this feature, but in version 1.9 a WMF-File is converted to pixel graphic.

Does any vector graphic work with Aspose.Pdf?

Kind regards,
Peter Herweg


Dear Peter,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Vector graphics is not supported in the current version. I had planed to implement it, but I found it’s difficult to support and I have to postpone this task. I will do some other urgent tasks before I add support for vector image because this work will take me much time.


When you do get around to adding vector support, please include SVG format. This will make a combination of Aspose.Chart and Aspose.Pdf a very powerful reporting tool. Without vector graphic support, we lose a lot of the benefit that the PDF format “ought” to provide for images.


Dear sdwire,

Thanks for your advise. SVG image is really usefule and I’d like to add support for it.