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Version 1.1 features?

Hi there,

I’ve just downloaded the version 1 evaluation but have been unable to open a word document which contains bullet points.

Is it possible to explain some of the features which are due to appear in Version 1.1 editions ?


Aspose.Word 1.1 features we are working on are:

1. Tables
2. Bulleted and numbered lists.
3. Mail merge of multiple records into one document (to support mail labels, invoices etc).
4. Repeating sections (maybe same as above).
5. API to remove sections.
6. Open document from a stream.
7. Open documents created in Word for Mac.

That all sounds good.

Thanks Roman.

when is 1.1 due out?


Aspose 1.1 is due out 19-20th January.

Thanks, I’ve got a sample file from you and will test it shortly.

Hi Michael,

I’ve checked Bloss.doc file you sent me. There was some inconsitency inside the file, in some tables text length was reported as 3575, but in others as 3676 characters. What program did you use to save this file?

Anyway, I’ve fixed Aspose.Word so it can handle this sort of inconsistency. It will go out in Aspose 1.1 release (or maybe earlier if I publish another beta).

Something that might help you to proceed before: Open your file, delete last “strange” character (I see it as a rectangle in Word XP) and save the file. This fixed the problem and I was able to open the file without fix to Aspose.Word. Clearly, there was some minor problem inside the file.

the file was sent to me so i don’t know the history of it. also, do you know if 1.1 will support reading and saving to text some other features of Word such as frames, bookmarks, and headers and footers?

Hi and thanks for a great product.

Will v1.1 support images (f. ex. with the use of the IncludePicture field code)?

Btw, is there any way to embed images with v1.0?


Hi all,

We are going to have maybe one or two more releases in quick (one month interval) succession that will add support for all Word document features. So if you don’t see the feature you need in the upcoming release, just put your request up and it is very likely to be included in the next release either because we already plan it or agree to move it forward.

v1.1 is going to have only what I mentioned a few messages above. It is too late to include anything else and we cannot delay because some customers are waiting.

v1.2 planned date will be end of February, and that should hopefully cover 90% of Word document features. We will include:
Headers and Footers
Office drawing objects
Embedded objects
Images, frames
Inserting images during mail merge
Maybe bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes (not sure they are used often)


Aspose.Word 1.1 is out with some great features. Please check out