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Version 1.2 Beta?

Hi guys,

I have a project that uses the word component. I really need to have an image at the top of a document. I need to “roll out” this project by Feb 18th. Is there any chance of getting a Beta that would support the image at the top of the document by then?

If so, I will happily purchase a license. If not, I’ll try else where for a solution.

Many thanks for all of your hard work.



Hi Neil,

Aspose.Word 1.2 beta that supports images will be available Feb 11th.

I see that 1.2b supports images.

a) What is the expected data for a 1.2 release
b) Does 1.2 support ‘protecting’ a word document (i.e. not editable)



Hi Jat,

I’ve posted details about Aspose.Word 1.2 here

Please elaborate on the protected document feature. Do you want to be able to open protected documents and merge to them or do you want to be able to product protected documents? How do you plan to use it? This will help us decide when to implement protected document support.

Hi Neil,

Aspose.Word 1.1.2 that supports images and some other new features is available here #4175.

Let me know if that makes you happy.