Very slow start of .NET exe using Aspose.Words.dll 4.4.2

Hi Aspose!
I have got the strange effect that my .NET windows app starts very slowly when using Aspose.Words.dll version 4.4.2 and there is no internet connection available. This can be observed in the debugging output window of Visual Studio where it can be seen that it takes several seconds to load the Aspose.Words.dll.
Replacing the dll-reference back to version 4.3.1 solves this problem and the application starts quickly. Could the lack of internet connection indeed be the reason for this?
Best regards

Thanks for your request. No, I don’t think that the lack of internet connection is the reason of this problem. Could you please create sample application to demonstrate this problem? I will investigate this and provide you more information.
Best regards.

Sorry, I can’t reproduce it anymore. Maybe because I can’t set up the same circumstances anymore than yesterday, where we had a working LAN but no (broadband) internet access from our provider. Today the lacking internet access is fixed ,and I can’t detach our whole company from the internet just for testing purpose.
So I will have to observe this for releases later than 4.3.1 and post again if anything happens.
Thanks for your patience,