Viewing excel file on the web- including results of formulas


I am developing a web app using the Aspose.Excel dll. My client wants the option to view the spreadsheet by downloading it or viewing it on a web page. The spreadsheet contains formulas that function properly after downloading and viewing in excel but when I spit the spreadsheet to a web datatable the formulas cells do not populate. My client just wants the option to see the spreadsheet from anywhere even if the machine they are on does not have excel or excel viewer. Is there a way I can let my client view the entire spreadsheet including formula results on the web?


Ok. I ran across the Excel.CalculateFormula() method in the object model. When I run this against my Excel object file it calculates many of the formulas on the workbook but not all. None of the Sums worked. Are there certain excel functions blocked in the eval dll? Is there a list available? I just need to verify that this will support my formulas before I purchase. Thanks.


Which version are you using? Is it v3.5.2? Sum functions should be supported. Could you please post your file here? I will check if those functions are supported now. A list can be accessed at .


I just downloaded the latest version and still have the same issue. Its kind of odd, the occasional SUM doesn't work and some of the basic formulas work in some cells and not others. To give you some background on what I'm doing, I have a template spreadsheet that I pull into aspose.excel that has specific formulas in specific locations on specific tabs. I dynamically populate other cells that the formulas reference with values from my database. I give the user the option to download the spreadsheet or view it in a datatable that sits in an iframe. When downloaded the formulas work great (I'm assuming because excel is doing the work once the spreadsheet opens in excel) but when I use the Excel.CalculateFormula method and then export it spreadsheet to a datatable I get varying results. I'd love to post the spreadsheet I'm working with online but it is for a large corporate accounting system and I don't want the world to have access to it. Can I send it to you in email directly? My email is if you'd like to send me an email to respond to with the attachment. Thanks for your help.



Hi Nate,

Please try this fix.


So far everything looks great! Thank you for your quick response.