ViewPanelScrollTop usage

I am trying to preserve web grid scroll bar position after a postback to to make sure the selected cell/row is still visible after a postback. I tried setting activecell to no avail, then noticed that there is a ViewPanelScrollTop property. Looking at it in the server side event handler, it seems to be correctly set, and it remains such throught my code. Yet, after the postback, the grid is shown with row 1 at the top. Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other way to make sure the scrolled to web grid row remains visible after a postback?

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We have added your issue to our internal issue tracking system with issue id: CELLSNET-17651. We will investigate your issue and get back to you soon.

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In general GridWeb control keeps the scroll bar
position after postback. We could not find the issue you have mentioned. Please tell us more details, sample project etc. We will check it soon.

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Well, it does not preserve the position for me, nor is ViewPanelScrollTop working for me; I have tried adding this code to PreRender handler, but it did nothing.

void RebateSalesTracing_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e)


this.acgwHeader.ViewPanelScrollTop = "200"; // This does not work, grid's scroll bar is always at the very top!!!


We are using data bound grids with custom collections, so perhaps that is what causing it? Our project runs under SAP PK for .NET and we use ExtJS panels which makes duplicating the project in your test environment impossible, but perhaps you can try if the databound grid with custom collections exhibits the problem.


Please find attached our test sample, we have tested the ViewPanelScrollTop usage, it works fine.

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Yep, this works... I am going to try converting our custom collection to a dataset before binding, see if that somehow makes any difference, currently we bind directly to a custom collection which in our case is a generics collection

tried converting to datasets, as I suspected, did not make any difference. Will look at ExtJS javascript package as the next suspect…

Yep, it is due to some incompatability issue with ExtJS. When the grid is inside an ExtJS panel, scroll bars are always set to the top. I took out the panels, scroll bars properly work retaining their position on post-backs.


We have found this is not the bug of Aspose.Cells GridWeb, so we are closing this issue.