Visio diagram : Place connector text at the end of the arrow


Hello support

I want to place connector text at the end of the arrow instead of center.

Something looks like

(Shape1)--------------------------------->(Connectortext) (Shape2)



Would you please share the code snippet which you have tried so far to achieve your requirements. Also, if there is some input file which is involved in the process, please share it as well. We will further share our feedback with you accordingly.


Hi Asad Ali

Thanks for your reply, I want to set connector text at the end of the arrow and beginning of the new shape. PFA for the same

source code



We are checking your scenario and will get back to you shortly.


Thanks a lot, waiting for your reply.


Hi mate,

Any updates on this ?



We have tried to achieve your requirements while using following lines of code in the method where text was being added for connectors but, we did not get much success.

connector.TextBlock.TextDirection.Value = TextDirectionValue.Horizontal;
connector.TextBlock.BottomMargin.Value = 0.2;
connector.TextBlock.VerticalAlign.Value = VerticalAlignValue.Middle;
connector.TextBlock.LeftMargin.Value = 0.5;

We request you to please share a sample expected Visio Diagram which is able to show us actual demonstration of your requirements. We will further proceed to assist you accordingly.