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Visual Studio 2008 and Aspose.Grid.web


I am testing Aspose.grid.web with Visual Studio 2008.
After dropping my Webgrid, I can’t resize the height of the form
After compilation, the Grid Displays in the browser, but I can’t do anything with it,
even writing something.

I am testing with Project Web Application with Visual C#.

When I load an Excel File, the sheets’ names appear in the bottom but I can’t access it.
I don’t have the little icons for submit, save … on the bottom of the page.

I can write on thee sheet programmatically.
I can Change the color of the Form with the spreadsheet designer.

Is Visual Studio 2008 Compatible with Aspose.grid.web ??



Yes it is compatible. Do you use MS Ajax extensions.

Could you try to add some config settings to the web.config file:


Be sure that the client files(images, scripts) are correctlly installed at the URL path "/agw_client/". This config prevent the control from using embeded client resource(images, scripts, etc.). And this config will only take effect with LICENSED control.

Thank you.

Thanks for replying so fast.

I don’t use Ajax.

I have just downloaded the software, dropped the Webgrid and compiled.
The most basic thing when trying.

What’s really weird is that I can’t do anything with the cells.


Could you try what I have asked you to do in my previous post.

Thank you.

Yes,<br><br>I tried it before posting.<br>It doesn't change anything, I don't have any icons for the Submit button of the webGrid or the other button.<br><br>Resizing works but I don't see it in Visual Studio. I mean <br>the grid always has the same height in Visual Studio but if I resize it,<br>it will resized in the browser.<br><br>Neither cells nor worksheets are accessible int the browser, I click and nothing happens.<br><br>Thanks again<br>


We will check your issue and get back to you soon.

Thanks for being patient!


I am using :
- http://www.aspose.com/community/files/53/visual-components/aspose.grid/entry126616.aspx
this is the latest release of Aspose Grid Web
- Visual Studio 2008 French
- 3.5 Framework for .NET
- Project C# for Web Application ASP.NET

I have just dropped the Aspose grid web on the page and compiled.
I just have the code generated automatically.


Please check the web project type and be sure to use HTTP mode. That means the web grid will run only with a IIS server. It does not support File Mode web site.

Thank you.


I got it solved.
Since I don’t have IIS on my computer and have to test on a
test computer at the company, I copied the files on this computer.

I had a little problem with Microsofr.mshtml.dll
But it seems good now.



Good to know that your issue is resolved :)

Have a good day!