Want a Configuration guide for set up aspose in salesforce

Hi Support,

We installed the sample app for salesforce from following link:


After installing this, i need to set up the initial page in which some required field are to be filled

as App SID, App Key, Template File Path, Data File Path and Output Format.

I have the value of App SID, App Key and need the value of Template File Path, Data File Path and Output Format.

Please let us know if you need any further info regarding this and provide a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Name: Naman

Email: naman.bhardwaj@mansasys.com

Contact No: 08527748439

Hi Naman,

This query has been forwarded to our Marketplace team. They will share more details with you soon

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Hello Naman,

We have reviewed your issue. You need to use Aspose Cloud storage to upload “Template File” and “Data File” in order to execute mail merge on salesforce.

Here are the samples
Sample Data File: https://github.com/asposeforcloud/Aspose_Cloud_SDK_For_PHP/blob/master/tests/Data/Input/MyFile.xml
Sample Template File: https://github.com/asposeforcloud/Aspose_Cloud_SDK_For_PHP/blob/master/tests/Data/Input/MyFile.docx

Once you upload the file to Aspose Cloud Storage you need to mention the path of the file in input fields to execute mail merge.

If there’s any confusion feel free to ask.

Assad Mahmood
Marketplace Developer