Watermark with javascript


Hi, Does your product support adding a watermark file with a date field and javascript code to an existing pdf file? The watermark must NOT be visible when viewing but visible when you print the pdf file. Because these are controlled documents, we are also looking into disabling the save button so users will not be able to keep a copy on their local machine. This process must be run from the command line or in batch mode.

Thank you in advance!


Dear joer,

Thank you for considering Aspose!

We are not support add watermark just like you said. We support add
watermark from text and from image now, and will support add watermark
from a pdf file’s page. However, What you said is our attention, We
plan to enhance these functions. Thank you for your attention.


I too am interested in this functionality. I would like to either be able to add a field that is only displayed on print or a watermark that only displays on print. Being able to write the watermark on a diagonal would also be desirable.