We are looking for a software doing the follow

Dear sirs

We are looking for a software doing the follow.

Some of our clients are legal offices specialized to legal collection. Actually they use our legal software platform for their everyday job

One new issue is that they want to print all their legal documents inside from our platform .For the moment we use the word document template and using techniques for mail merge we populate the word documents with data from sqldatabase records adding fields fro mdatabase to spesific location of each word document.

One advantage is, that they can edit on the fly the document without concerning if the field name “last name” – for example for a person – is fixed length etc .So we just put this field in the middle of document row and the system retrieves the name from the database and aligns it accordingly how long is 20 or 30 characters .

All the above is ok but it need us each time they have a new document because we must define the fieldnames from database etc .\is there any easiest way to do that?


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Hello Andreas!

Thank you for considering Aspose.

If you populate data by means of mail merge then templates should have appropriate merge fields. When you add a new template you ensure the fields are present. I don’t see any reliable solution on how to add merge fields automatically. Template is that part of job where manual edition is needed. Adding fields you point out how further automatic algorithm will merge data. You can prepare templates yourself or write a manual and refer documentation on how it can be done by your customers. It’s a common practice.



thanks for your answer.Actually you are right but i am looking for something more extreme like this.

when the customer opens a new document maybe there exists an addon in word with what the customer himself can choose available fields with understandable names and not field names as is in database and then decides where to link what.

Ofcourse somehow we must define the fields names from the database and the names that customer see.For example if in database there exist a table with a field name Last_Name the customers does not know where this fields is–in which table.

So we had a list box with only tha names of the available fields may the customer could choose fro mthe list box the field EPONYMO wich correspondes to Last_name in table Persons .Etc etc etc

So i open a empty word document

I open the list box-pressing a button or something like this

i choose the field from the list i want to link

i save the document

thats it

Next time i print this document the for a X record from database then it must be printed with the last_name in apropriate position.




Thank you for additional information. If I understood you correctly, you should like to set mail merge data source, so that user will be able to select allowed fields form the list.

Unfortunately there is no ability to set mail merge data source using Aspose.Words. This is known issue #5170 in our defect database.

But, Aspose.Words allows you to automatically map between names of fields in your data source and names of mail merge fields in the document. Please see the following link for more information.

So you can use readable names of mergefields in your document.

Best regards.

YES you have understood correctly.

Actually we want both!!!


Andrew Ladis

Your products is addons to word?

Is there any possibility to do what we want to?

For example us to define the allowed fields from the database which someone can biew in a list box and after that the user constract a new document and do the link himshelf?


Andrew Ladis


Thanks for your inquiry. No, Aspose.Words is not addons to MS Word. Please see the following link to learn more about Aspose.Words.


As I told you in my previous post you can’t set mail merge data source using Aspose.Words. So unfortunately you can’t achieve what you need.

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding Aspose.Words.

Best regards.

As i understand i can use aspose words without need of installing the word in each pc in a lan?

Can i do the same things as in word merge meaning to define fro mscratch the fields from a database that must be printed in a aspose created document?


Thanks for your inquiry.

  1. Aspose.Words does not require MS Word.

  2. You can perform mail merge using Aspose.Words. please see the following link for more information.

Best regards.