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Web Grid shifts when cell validation fails

Using Aspose v4.82 (GridWeb DLL v2.0.3.2006) This is hard to describe, best illustrated in the attached picture; basically looks like the grid renders itself w/o the row # column and also part of the icons are missing after a cell fails validation. Very consistent in my application. The GroupCode column validation is “requried”, no other restrictions, I have seen this happen in other parts of the app. We are using ExtJS Javascript page design/rendering and we always use IE6/7. Can’t tell if the problem appears in Firefox, can’t seem to duplicate w/o ExtJS, so perhaps some interaction in the html tables? The bottom line is that it prevents me from doing any client side validation…


It looks very strange issue, we could not find this issue. Could you try the attached latest version/fix.

If you still find any issue, I am afraid, we need your template project to reproduce the issue here. Please create a sample project, zip it and attach it here, we will check your issue soon.

By the way could you try this demo if you find the similar issue you have described:

Thank you.