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Web portal- ExportDataTable and formulas

I am designing a web portal that will include a datagrid as a module on part of one of the pages. The data held in the datagrid is based on the results of a SQL query which must then undergo extensive mathematical manipulation. These calculations are quite cumbersome to do in code, but are very easy for excel to accomplish (the datagrid would basically be displaying an excel spreadsheet). So I tried to implement aspose.excel in the following manner:

1) design a template worksheet which accepts as input the results of the SQL query
2) use ExportDataTable to create a datatable of the needed information from the worksheet
3) bind the datatable to the datagrid then format it as needed

While this seems to work in theory, the datagrid is filled with blanks in the cells which contain formulas. I saw a post earlier which had the same problem with blank cells after exporting formulas and my question is what is the work-around? Some sort of copy-pastevalues approach? Also, is there a way to have the method open the worksheet inside a specific part of my page instead of simply maximizing itself in the browser window?



Thanks for your consideration.

Aspose.Excel runs at server side without MS Excel. When you set formula to a cell, whether in template file or by code, now Aspose.Excel puts the formula into the file but does not calculate it. So if you use ExportDataTable, the formula cell returns blank.

Showing Excel in part of the page can be a good work around. I placed a simple sample at