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I currently (a) populate a variety of Telerik grid controls on a web form and (b) allow the user to export it to Excel if required. This is all native capability.

I have one situation where the grid is a hierarchical self referencing list with the whole grid loaded in one go, and this creates all sorts of problems with the export.

I have converted the production of the spreadsheet to Aspose Cells, which works fine for me. However, the way I go about producing that data is different to the way the old version works on the grid, and hence there are some differences in the two sets of data.

So, I want to use a control to display the data in the Aspose cells spreadsheet, rather than using the Telerik Grid.

WebGrid appears from the documentation to be the Aspose tool for the job, but reading the documentation, it appears to me as if the WebGrid component is obsolete and not supported. With very few exceptions the post go back to 2006 and the target environment seems to be VS 2005 and .net framework 2.

Does Web Grid still exist as a supported product?
Does it have a future?
Is there a better way to do what I was previously doing with the Telerik Grid?

Many thanks



I will recommend you to download the offline demos for Aspose.Cells for GridWeb to have a better understanding of this control.

Also, these demos can be run using Visual Studio 2010 or 2008 or 2005. Please read readme.txt

Please download: Aspose.Cells.GridWeb C# Demos