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I noticed you guys use webhost4life. I’m considering using them for some of my customers, how have you found their service. Do you use them for e-mail and database? Have you been with them for long? Regards, Wayne

Hi Wayne,

  1. https://www.webhost4life.com/ is excellent.

  2. I found it from word of mouth.

  3. Yes, email and sql server 2000.

  4. I have been with them for over 6 months. Before that, I was with a hoster from Melbourne, it’s much more expensive but much less reliable.

You’re strongly recommended to use webhost4life.


What kind of a hack is this?

This post looks like an honest reply to an honest question, but both are posted by the same person?


  1. It is an honest reply for an honest question. Actually, a customer, Wayne, wrote email to ask me about https://www.webhost4life.com/, I consider my reply may be helpful for other customers, so I post his question by myself first. Then post my reply.

  2. I’d love to promote my current hoster, webhost4life to any any customers, as I consider it’s the best in terms of my hosting experience with it so far.

  3. However as the hosting market is evolving quickly, so if you have found a better hoster, why not post a detailed, informative and reasonable review here? At any time I’m open to any better plans or suggestions to hosting or our products.

Thanks for your contribution in advance.

webhost4life is COMPLETE GARBAGE!! If you are considering using their shared hosted services-- RUN AWAY!! Use DiscountASP or ServerIntellect or Valueweb, or any of the other bigger outfits… the webhost4life CEO gave me the sales run around, so I bought in for a year-- what a nightmare. I ended up writing a windows systray app that continuously monitored my sites and wouldn’t you know it? There was downtime almost every day. I kid you not. When I wrote him numerous emails about it, his only response is, “we’re trying” and that just doesn’t cut it when a customer gets an error and they go elsewhere to buy… my advice: avoid them altogether.

I'm curious how you found this post because it is very, very old. We changed our hoster some time ago due to growth. Now we're changing again due to further growth.

Honestly webhost4life is good enough if your traffic is not too heavy. Based on my personal experience, their response is very prompt. Anyway, good luck to your new hosting.

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Best Rgs


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